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The Neustar® AdAdvisor®opt-out works by replacing the content within the existing AdAdvisor cookie with new content that clearly indicates that you have elected to opt-out of the use of AdAdvisor information for ad targeting. Opting out here does not mean you will not see any advertising online. Rather, it means that the advertising and perhaps the content you see will not be as relevant or tailored to your interests.

Opting out of the ad targeting does not mean the AdAdvisor cookie has been deleted. Moreover, if you delete the opt-out cookie, buy a new computer, or use a different Web browser, you will need to opt-out again to preserve your status

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Neustar is a member of several leading industry organizations dedicated to promoting best practices around the use and protection of consumer information. We are a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), which provides information and guidance on how its member companies use and protect consumer information. To learn more about other NAI member companies' practices and how you may also opt-out of their services, visit the NAI website. Neustar is also a member of the Digital Advertising Alliance ("DAA") and the AdAdvisor Service is in compliance with the DAA Self-Regulatory Code.